About Banni

About Banni


Banni started playing tennis at age nine, and by eleven she was traveling the country playing national tournaments, earning All- American honors in both high school and college along with three national USTA titles. From this upbringing, she lived from the assumption that her happiness and self-worth was something outside of her, something to be obtained, something to be achieved. She continued this mentality well into adulthood working both as a CPA and a Special Agent with the FBI. But once she became a mother, she realized there had to be a different way. Luckily, she found the practices of yoga and mindfulness.

These practices brought forth more balance, perspective, and gratitude into her life.  This practice so changed Banni, she was inspired to share it with others. She began teaching mindfulness in local schools four years ago, working with kids ranging from pre-kindergarten to seniors in high school.  She was moved to work with youth, knowing had she had some of these tools navigating through pressure and stress, things could have been different.

Banni offers mindfulness in the classroom programs for youth titled, “ Exploring Mindfulness through Breath, Movement, and Creativity.”   She also provides adult mindfulness workshops and series along with retreats for adults. Banni currently teaches yoga at Groove Yoga in Bend, Oregon.

Banni is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator as well as a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA).  Banni completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Rolf Gates, a teacher who continues to have a tremendous influence on her learning.  She has sat numerous retreats, workshops and has learned from Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach, Diana Winston, Valeta Bruce, and George Mumford among others. She trained with the Power of Awareness through Greater Good Science center of University of California at Berkeley, Holistic Life Foundation, Yoga Calm, and Mindful Schools.